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Sprinkler repair service, stuck sprinkler valve, sprinkler leak, broken sprinkler pipeSprinkler / Irrigation System Repairs
Replace broken pop up or rotor heads
Replace broken or incorrect nozzles
Inspect each sprinkler head for proper spray patterns and distribution
Replacing Valves
Valve locating
Finding leaks
PVC and copper repair
stuck sprinkler valve repair and replacement
Replacing controller
Troubleshooting and correcting the problem

Inspect all heads and zones for proper coverage and distribution
Adjust heads as not to spray on the concrete
Check for dry spots where water is not evenly distributed
Repair or replace broken heads, nozzles, valves, pipes or other parts not functioning correctly
Review and program your controller

Sprinkler / Irrigation Modifications or Alterations
Flowerbed conversion from spray to drip
Relocating or adding sprinklers heads around a new pool or patio
Relocating heads for better coverage and to conserve wasted water

Preventative Maintenance

It is good to have your sprinkler system checked out by a professional about twice a year. We will schedule for one of our techs to come out and check for leaks, spray pattern and water distribution.

Rain/Freeze Sensor Installation
rain sensor and freeze sensor installation and replacement
A Rain/Freeze sensor can save you money by not watering when it is raining or have rained recently. The device will temporarily put your controller in stand-by mode until it has dried up enough and your lawn requires water again. The Freeze portion will not allow your system to come on when the temperature reaches freezing, possibly causing broken pipes and heads.Check with your city, as some cities offer a $50 credit to you when a Rain/Freeze sensor is installed by a professional.

Often drain basins or "French Drains" are needed to divert water to the street or alley. The most common place is between two homes that are heavily shaded. Often this can be corrected by having your sprinklers adjusted. If that doesn't work, a drainage system should be installed. If you have standing water, mushy ground, mold growing on the ground, water entering your home or foundation issues, we can help. Please call 972-881-0840 or contact us call us to discuss!

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